Chris Loder has been reselected as the Conservative Party Parliamentary Candidate to contest the West Dorset constituency at the next General Election.

Mr Loder is the current Member of Parliament for the constituency and has served since his inaugural election in December 2019.

The next General Election is expected to take place during 2024.

Speaking about his reselection, Chris said: "I'm very pleased to have been reselected as the Conservative candidate for our wonderful constituency.

"As a strong voice in Parliament, I've secured multi-million-pound investments and more services for all in West Dorset.

"I’ve also championed the interests of our rural towns and villages, and lobbied extensively to ensure we get a fair deal and support the most vulnerable.

“I'll continue my track record of working hard for West Dorset, and I look forward to campaigning in the months ahead."

Mr Loder's reselection was confirmed by the West Dorset Conservative Association.

Rebecca Burns, Chairman, said: “I am thrilled that Chris has been reselected to stand as the Conservative candidate for West Dorset in the next General Election.

"I have seen first-hand how passionate and committed Chris is to our constituency.

"He passionately champions and represents our rural voice in Parliament and engages with so many groups, organisations and constituents.”

Chris Loder is the second parliamentary candidate announced for the West Dorset seat after Liberal Democrat candidate Edward Morello confirmed his reselection in February.

The two candidates finished first and second in 2019, with Mr Loder winning by a majority of around 14,000 votes.

The next General Election must be held before January 24, 2025, although the Government can decide to hold it at any point before then.