So strong support has been given by our town councillors for a 20mph limit in Bridport...

But who do these councillors represent? Check out how many votes they get at elections.

I have asked many friends in Bridport and they certainly don’t support this proposal.

In busy times you will be lucky to manage 10mph; in less busy, because of the numerous pedestrian crossing places speed is often below 30mph.

So why change something that is not broke?

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I would have thought that when driving at 20mph more exhaust emissions would be entering the atmosphere due to driving in a lower gear at higher revs.

The councillors say there have been several traffic incidents over time - how many, what type, and why/how did they happen?

Cllr David Bolwell writes that if a child should run out in front of you the difference between 20mph and 30mph would make a difference.

Yes it probably would, but when this should ever happen then the parent of the child should be held responsible not the driver.

However, it is a Dorset Council proposal, with a cash incentive to help Bridport council implement it, but we don’t have to look too far for Dorset Council projects that have helped Bridport citizens - pinch point Hadden House, road adjustment at West Bay (after years of use they change priority), and increase in car parking charges to drive tourists and locals away from the Bay.

However all is not lost - residents can provide their own views on the scheme by going to dorsetcounvil.govuk. Bridport News out on November 2nd so our town councillors can say that they asked the residents of Bridport for their say on this proposal.

With the majority of our town councillors in favour I’m sure it will get approval.

Philip Wright