A car crash on the A35 caused delays as traffic was forced to navigate past two vehicles in the middle of the road.

The cars were left stranded in the way of traffic along the Dorchester bypass at the junction for the A352 to Wareham.

Two other cars were seen parked on each side of the road with hazards lights on to warn traffic which was forced to slalom through the incident before police arrived. 

An eye-witness said: "There was a car parked on the eastbound carriageway blocking traffic, I think to alert drivers to the crash. 

"When I got closer there were two cars with their fronts smashed in the lane to turn right and a woman was out picking up debris.

"The traffic was starting to back up quite a bit and drivers had to slalom pass the parked car and the crash."

Emergency services then arrived at the scene to deal with the crash and help to clear the road.

A spokesperson for Dorset Police: "We were called at 5.51pm on Saturday November 11 to a report of a two vehicle collision on the A35 between Tesco roundabout and Stinsford roundabout in Dorchester.

"Officers attended. No injuries reported. Recovery for vehicles was arranged. Road cleared at around 7.30pm."