The impact of Storm Ciaran has caused damage never seen before on a stretch of west Dorset beach.

Hive Beach, at Burton Bradstock sustained ‘significant damage’ as the combination of strong winds and high tides caused the lower car park to be breached for the first time, according to the National Trust.

Three channels were ‘punched’ out of Fisherman Green, the area behind the wall and the coastal path now making the whole area more susceptible to future storms.

Bridport and Lyme Regis News: Diggers were brought to help with the clean up Diggers were brought to help with the clean up (Image: Cynthia Justham)

Hannah Jefferson, general manager for west Dorset said: “The Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site is renowned for being dynamic and constantly changing.  

"The damage sustained through yesterday’s (November 2) storm surge is what we envisage is part of the future for this site, where the frequency and intensity of storms together with rising sea-levels are likely to accelerate erosion and require us to look at how we adapt and change how we care for the site.

“Our team, local partners, and contractors have been working, and continue to work on the clear up operation, including removing debris from the beach and carpark. The car park is open, but we would ask visitors to be aware of debris on and around the beach and to monitor current weather conditions. 

“The recent storm serves as a reminder that the coastline of the future is likely to look very different from how it is now. We will continue to assess the damage and build on the learnings from this event to support our long-term planning to cope with the impact of future storms.”

Bridport and Lyme Regis News: The damage caused from storm Ciaran has put the beach at further risk from future storms The damage caused from storm Ciaran has put the beach at further risk from future storms (Image: Cynthia Justham)

The National Trust look after this stretch of the Jurassic Coast and were quick to act and had workers and machinery out to clean up the damage.

Claire Moore, who was at the beach witnessed the destruction first hand before the crews swung into action and was surprised by what she saw.

She said: “We’re all too familiar with storms at times along this part of the Jurassic coastline in the Bridport area, but despite being used to high tides and huge waves, I haven’t seen a storm like this that’s unfortunately left such an extent of devastation to land and property.

Sadly the storm also forced the waves at Hive Beach to claim two wheelchair friendly benches which had only in recent years been installed for families with such needs to embrace the area and views after much fundraising.”