Weather warnings are in place across West Dorset

The Environment Agency have put a flood warning in place for West Bay Harbour and a number of rivers and streams across Bridport.

Areas at risk include the tidal stretch of the River Brit, as well as Rivers Lim, Char, Winniford, Simene, Asker, Mangerton and Bride.

The Environment Agency suggest that flooding is possible in these areas and are encouraging people to monitor local water levels and weather conditions and suggest avoiding low lying footpaths or entering areas prone to flooding. 

Further east, flooding is also expected across Weymouth and Portland in the areas of Chesil Bank, the Fleet Nature Reserve, Ferry Bridge Marine Services and Portland Beach Road.

The Environment Agency are urging people to take action to protect themselves and their property and monitor local weather and river conditions.

People are encouraged to avoid contact with, walking or driving through flood water and to consider activating any property flood protection products they may have.

There is also a flood alert in place for Weymouth Harbour and the tidal stretch of the River Wey.

Thunderstorms are expected today (Saturday, October 28), from around 8pm and tomorrow from 4pm.

Blustery and heavy showers are anticipated around the coast, with maximum temperatures of 15 degrees and lows of 11 degrees.

There will be plenty of rain throughout the night as well with temperatures dropping to a minimum of eight degrees.

Tomorrow, there’s a greater chance of sunny spells, but with heavy showers at times and winds will remain strong around the coasts.

The weather will remain glum for the rest of the week with plenty of rain, and Tuesday appears to be the drier day, although showers are expected.