TASTE buds were tickled and a spirit of adventure awakened at Broadwindsor School this week when all the children got the chance to focus on food.

Thanks to a national campaign called Focus on Food the school got a visit from an enormous cooking bus touring the country inspiring children with a love of cooking and a knowledge of healthy eating and hygiene.

Shirley Malone, advisory teacher on the bus, said all the children at Broadwindsor School had loads of fun during the bus's three-day visit.

She said: "We were lucky enough to work with all the children. We taught them knife skills and about five-a-day' healthy eating and about good hygiene.

"We prepared lots of dishes from all over the world - like Mexican bean and tomato salad, lots of fruit smoothies and different sorts of salad.

"We want to encourage children to enjoy cooking and try new foods and experiment with their cooking and the children had really good fun."

Ms Malone said every school visited gets a cookit' box which includes sieves, mixing bowls, chopping boards so they can carry on cooking.

There are five buses touring the country and the one visiting Broadwindsor was sponsored by the Food Standards Agency.