Children were seen firing at pigeons with catapults,

The incident was reported to police and occurred on Lyme Regis Front Beach near to the Rock Point Inn pub.

Police carried out patrols following the reports but the children had left the area.

A spokesperson from the RSPCA said: “We share our space with wildlife and need to show respect and kindness. Animals feel pain, just as we do. It’s saddening to think anyone could take pleasure from firing a catapult at a living creature. 

“Such unnecessary and callous attacks can cause a lot of pain and distress and are often fatal,” they added.

This is not the first time this year that there have been reports of birds being attacked in Dorset.

The Dorset Echo previously reported on cases of a large group targeting birds in Weymouth back in July. Earlier that month, it was also reported that around 12 seagulls died in Chickerell following an incident involving school children on their way home. 

Police are urging parents, guardians, and teachers to look out and listen for behaviour like this and report them by calling 101 or by visiting

The RSPCA said that anyone with information about those responsible for animal cruelty should contact them on 0300 1234 999.