A mummers group from Symondsbury will be performing a series of plays across the region.

Symondsbury Mummers have announced they will be performing three shows in the build up to Christmas and one performance on New Year’s Day.

Mumming is a form of traditional folk plays performed by amateur actors that are broadly comedic, with the most common type featuring a doctor who has a magic potion able to resuscitate the vanquished character.

The performers often wear face-obscuring hats or other kinds of headgear and masks, or even have their faces painted.

The acting troupe will kick things off at the Symondsbury Christmas fair from 4.30pm on Friday, December 1, before visiting the Hare & Hounds in Netherbury on Friday, December 8, and the White Horse in Litton Cheney the following day at 7.30pm.

Finally, the folk-style acting group will end its festive performances at the Loders Arms in Loders on New Year’s Day from 6.30pm.