A Lyme Regis lifeguard sprang into action to save a man from drowning.

Malcolm Greenslade, 63, spotted the man struggling in the water off Monmouth Beach.

Mr Greenslade, who volunteers as a Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) lifeguard, had just finished an evening swim when he spotted a swimmer in the shallows struggling to stay afloat.

The father-of-two immediately moved into action and raced out to help the distressed man, whose head was submerged under the water, and was unable to remain on his feet.

Upon arriving, Mr Greenslade noticed the man to be exhausted and cold and was soon joined by two members of the public in guiding the struggling man back to shore and safety.    

Once the man was back on the beach, and under the care of his wife, Mr Greenslade advised him on the risks of secondary drowning, and to seek medical help if his condition were to deteriorate.

After the incident, which occurred on September 4,  Mr Greenslade said: “It was an unexpected turn for my Monday evening at the beach. At first, I thought the gentleman was just relaxing in the shallows, but it quickly became clear that he was in distress.

“I’m really glad that through volunteering as a lifeguard for the RNLI, I have the skills and knowledge that were needed to help the gentleman.”

Mr Greenslade has spent his whole life around the sea and works as an open water swimming coach, and became a volunteer with the RNLI after completing a Surf Lifeguard course in April.

Bridport and Lyme Regis News:

The course qualified him to become a lifeguard, but he was also inspired by his two children, Ben and Abi, who were already volunteers.

“I’m very proud that both of my children work as RNLI lifeguards, it’s a pleasure to volunteer alongside them,” he added.

“I hope that people realise that age is just a number when it comes to lifeguarding. If you’re fit and able, there’s no reason not to get involved.”

Mr Greenslade's credentials as a swimming coach made it an ‘easy fit’ for him to volunteer and he hopes to inspire others to join the RNLI.

He continued: “The RNLI is a great organisation and charity to be involved with. I’ve spent all my life in and around the sea, so the volunteer lifeguard role was an easy fit for me.

“I volunteer when I’m able and when the beaches are especially busy.”

Ahead of the RNLI’s lifeguard recruitment drive in 2024, there will be lifeguard courses running from October 23 to 28 at Weymouth Surf Lifesaving Club and from April 8 to 13 at Lyme Regis Lifeboat Station.

For anyone looking for more information on the opportunities to join the lifeguard team in Dorset contact Alice Higgins Lead Lifeguard Supervisor at Alice_Higgins@rnli.org.uk.