Beachgoers have been warned to "stay away from the cliffs" after a landslip at a west Dorset beach. 

Rock has fallen from the cliffs onto Charmouth Beach overnight in another huge landslip on the Jurassic Coast.

Bridport and Lyme Regis News: Landslip at Stonebarrow Beach in CharmouthLandslip at Stonebarrow Beach in Charmouth (Image: Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre)

Pictures show a new landslide which occurred overnight at Stonebarrow.

A spokesperson for Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre has warned members of the public to "stay away from the cliffs" as the rockfall occurred "right where lots of people were fossil hunting" on Saturday.

The spokesperson said: "There has been another landslide overnight on Stonebarrow beach, right where lots of people were fossil hunting yesterday.

"After the dry weather the cliffs are incredibly unstable and could fall at any time, so please be extra vigilant and stay well clear of the cliffs, remaining at the water's edge instead. Please particularly give this and other recent falls a wide berth.

Fossil hunters will be eager to explore the freshly exposed rock, however, the area remains very dangerous with the new landslide still active.

The Coast Centre has warned any fossil hunters to stay away, saying "no fossil is worth becoming a fossil for".

The Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre spokesperson added: "We're still urging visitors to stay away from the bigger slip (seen behind the dark fresh one) - the base of the front is starting to be undercut by waves, which makes it more unstable and more likely blocks could fall from above."

It comes as the Lyme Regis lifeboat have responded to multiple incidents of members of the public becoming cut off by the tide on the same beach.

Advice on safe times and best spots for fossil hunting can be provided by the Centre between 10.30 am and 4.30 pm every day.

"The new landslide is currently still active so new material could still fall. No fossil is worth becoming a fossil for, so please encourage everyone to stay away, and hunt for fossils at the water's edge, where fresh fossils wash out all the time."