A stunning replica of the first ship to sail around the world has arrived in Weymouth.

The Nao Victoria sailed into the harbour on Monday afternoon - ahead of schedule due to favourable wind conditions.

Members of the public will still have to wait until Wednesday to explore the historic ship.

It comes just a month after El Galeon thrilled crowds at the harbour.

A floating museum, visitors can explore the Spanish ship's decks and book a guided tour of the 'imposing' vessel, while some lucky enough will be able to sail on board. 

The original Nao Victoria, commanded by Juan Sebastian Elcano, left Seville in 1519 and returned to the same city in 1522, after circumnavigating the globe for the first time in history.

It sailed 42,000 miles, 22,000 miles of which washed largely unknown to the crew.

On December 21, 1521, Victoria, measuring about 18 to 21 metres, sailed on from Indonesia alone because the other ships left the convoy due to lack of rations.

The ship was in terrible shape, with her sails torn and only kept afloat by continuous pumping of water - but Victoria managed to return to Spain with a shipload of spices, the value of which was greater than the cost of the entire original fleet.

Victoria was later repaired, bought by a merchant shipper and sailed for almost another fifty years before being lost on a trip from the Antilles to Seville in about 1570.

Bridport and Lyme Regis News:

Nao Victoria at Weymouth Harbour today - ahead of schedule. Picture: Finnbarr Webster 

This replica, looked after by the Nao Victoria Foundation, was built in Spain in 1991.

In order to commemorate its predecessor, the replica of the Nao Victoria started, in 2004, another trip around the globe starting from Seville.

Up to 26,894 miles were covered between 2004 and 2006, with the ship visiting 17 countries.

The replica of the Nao Victoria was the first historical replica to circumnavigate the earth.

Tickets for the ship are available to purchase now at www.fundacionnaovictoria.org or can be bought at the harbour.

Bookings are available for Wednesday until Sunday.