Students at a Bridport school were visited by a best-selling author.

Annabel Steadman, who writes as A. F. Steadman, visited the Sir John Colfox Academy to give an informative talk about her ‘Skandar’ series of fantasy books.

The author has recently released ‘Skandar and the Phantom Rider,’ which features bloodthirsty flying unicorns and elemental magic which she introduced to more than 100 Year Seven students, explaining to them that she was inspired to create unicorns that are fierce and terrifying, rather than pure and angelic.

The author said: “I never liked fluffy unicorns, and I wanted to make mine more like dragons. The fun thing about writing is that you can make up whatever you like, if you have an idea, you can write it - I was 13 when I wrote my first story.”

Students also took part in a series of votes to create their own unicorn, which they named ‘Ferocious Faith’ and during the talk Annabel adapted a piece of her writing to feature it and read to the students.

12-year-old Keytan said: “It was great to meet her, her books are brilliant. I have already read lots of ‘Skandar and the Phantom Rider’, and I’ve only just got it. I was surprised to learn that she was only 13 when she wrote her first book.

“Creating a unicorn was fun, she said she might be able to include it in her next book, we are hoping she can.”

Liz Launder, Literacy and Reading Co-ordinator at the Sir John Colfox Academy said: “We were delighted to welcome AF Steadman, her talk was inspiring, and our students particularly enjoyed the chance to join in and create their own unicorn.”