BRIDPORT is the star of a new DVD out this week.

Film maker Terry Tkachuk, of North Allington, has been recording the life of the town for his latest project.

This Is Bridport - Life in a Market Town is a 35 minute DVD that takes viewers through events from December 2007 to June 2008, including the West Bay Wallow on Boxing Day and the May Fair on the Millennium Green.

It starts with film of musician and singer Elijah Wolf at the Electric Palace.

The DVD will be available to buy from various outlets in the town including Bridport Music and the Post Office.

Mr Tkachuk said: "This one is a taster to see how it goes and any money raised will go into the next one, a Year in the Life of Bridport. The concept is to make something for and about the town, not to make a profit.

"It is a cultural picture of Bridport. I don't think a record like this has ever been done before.

"I know the BBC have put on programmes about places, they recently did one about the Scilly Isles, but they are more about the people and characters there where as this is about Bridport. The town is the star and all the different cultural activities that take place here."

Mr Tkachuk hopes the DVD will help record what a special place Bridport is to live.

"It is a side of Bridport that the tourists may not normally see," he said. "And it could also be good for the housebound who may be interested in seeing what goes on but cannot easily go to events themselves.

"It is just short enough to give them a taste of what was going on but is not too heavy."

The DVD has been produced with the assistance of PVA MediaLab in the town.

Mr Tkachuk, who worked in television for 20 years, also has a successful body of film work behind him and has won awards in international competitions in countries such as Estonia and Australia.