Portraits of three regular customers now take pride of place in the corner of a community pub.

The pictures of the loyal punters have been placed next to the bar at The White Lion at Broadwindsor.

Villager Sasha Slater, 20, drew them as a tribute to Chris Sewell, John Eggleton and Tony Hawkins, who have been given framed originals as keepsakes.

The three men used to sit in the space known affectionately as ‘Compost Corner’ before The White Lion was refurbished a year ago. They now use a round table nearby.

Sasha, a biochemistry student at the University of Exeter, said: "These last couple of years, my time for art has been restricted heavily by university, but I am always reminded of why I draw by being involved in projects like this.

"I am so glad I got the chance to draw Chris, John and Tony and have my work displayed in our community pub. I love using art to show the community of Broadwindsor how grateful I am to be a part of it."

Pub chairman Rick Dyke said the portraits had been very well received by customers.

"The likeness is incredible – Sasha has captured Chris, John and Tony so well. The committee was delighted when she made the offer to do their portraits and even more so when we saw them, as they’re absolutely brilliant. We are so grateful to her. Sasha is such a talented artist.

"It seemed only right to hang the pictures up in the corner where the three of them used to sit, as a thank you for and in recognition of their custom over the years.’

Art has been a mainstay of Sasha’s life for as long as she can remember.

"Despite studying painting and mixed media techniques during my GCSEs, graphite has remained my favourite medium for portraiture and character design," she said.

"Since 2017 I have been working in colour alongside this and digital painting has become my go-to for larger personal projects, developing my own style from photorealistic studies."

In her second year of a bachelor's degree, after which she aims to complete a master’s, Sasha also spends countless hours on personal artwork and commissions.

She said: "This may seem at odds with creative pursuits, but for me they synergise perfectly- drawing prevents me from getting lost in my work while still engaging me intellectually.

"One day in the future I hope to study art more formally at an atelier."

Portraits, including pets, are her speciality, with most of her drawings done from photographs. To view more of her work and enquire about commissions, you can contact Sasha via her Instagram account @sashafrosts