A new generation of 'stealth' speed camera vans are being trialled in the UK to encourage consistently safe driving.

The unmarked vans are painted grey so they are harder to spot and are currently being trialled in Northamptonshire.

Existing speed vans have been rewrapped in a matte grey coating rather than the typical bright orange and yellow markings normally seen on UK roads.

As reported by the Daily Mail, police say unmarked speed camera vans encourage consistently safe driving.

Bridport and Lyme Regis News: The vans will be used to try and encourage consistently safe drivingThe vans will be used to try and encourage consistently safe driving (Image: PA)

This is in comparison to drivers slowing down for brightly coloured speed camera vans, then speeding up again afterwards.

The car-tech company Road Angel said it hoped this would further encourage drivers to be mindful of their speed and the danger it poses to themselves and all other road users.

Gary Digva, the firm's founder, said: "Introducing these undercover mobile speed camera vans is a positive step forward in reducing the amount of speeding drivers on UK roads.

"Motorists should be aware that other police forces across the country, too, could be rolling out these covert camera vans and should watch their speed wherever they travel.

"The safest way to drive is to assume that every van you see on the road is carrying a speed camera - then you'll never break the limit, avoid fines and stay safe.

"Although there is certainly still a long way to go to stop speeding vehicles and the number of fatalities and injuries it causes, I hope that deploying these vans will mean motorists will think twice before putting their foot down."