A Dorset farmer has paid tribute to TV presenter and comedian Paul O'Grady.

The 67-year-old died on Tuesday evening, his husband Andre Portasio confirmed.

O'Grady was famously an animal lover and struck up an unlikely friendship with a Dorset farmer whose cow Gladis suffered a tragedy back in 2021 at Eggardon Hill Farm, near Askerswell.

Cameron Farquharson, whose heavily pregnant Highland cow Gladis fell 40ft to her death after being chased by a dog, sparking a national campaign to give farm animals greater protection, was contacted by Paul shortly after the incident.

Jon Lee, a spokesperson for the Gladis campaign, said: "He was one of the first people to get in touch with Cameron, he said 'let me know if I can help', he cheered him up and really helped him out.

"It was such a dark time for Cameron and it really made a difference.

"Paul had a real genuine love for animals and he kept in contact with Cameron after that on phone calls and video calls just keeping in touch.

"He was meant to come down and visit the farm but never quite made it because of covid and various other things.

"So it hit Cameron quite hard to hear the news about Paul."

A social media post from Cameron's farm wrote on Tuesday: "As we have all heard on various channels Paul O'Grady died yesterday. It was particularly sad for us at Redlands Coppice and Gladis's campaign, that he was one of the first to contact Cameron Farquharson when Gladis died—and offered his support and understanding.

"He kept in touch regularly and was always there, interested in how the campaign was going. He offered advice and knew when to make Cam smile in dark times.

"Thank you Paul, now you can meet Gladis. Brush her, and give her an occasional digestive biscuit, and she will be by your side forever.

"RIP Paul O'Grady"