If you’re jetting off to avoid the January blues this month or even planning a getaway soon, the last thing you want is travel delays or even cancellations.

However, these things happen, and as much as we don’t want it sometimes you’re already at the airport picking out sunglasses in duty-free when you find out your flight has been cancelled.

But all is not lost. If your flight has been delayed or cancelled, it is important to know what you can do to get going again and what you are entitled to if you’re stuck.

Here are just some tips to help you if you’re facing travel delays.

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What do I do if my flight has been cancelled?

If the worst happens and your flight has been fully cancelled, you have a number of options in front of you.

You have the legal right to either a full refund (including any other flights you won’t use on the journey such as returning) or a replacement ticket to get you to your end destination.

Bridport and Lyme Regis News: What do I do if my flight has been cancelled?What do I do if my flight has been cancelled? (Image: PA)

If you are already halfway through your journey and have a cancellation, you are entitled to fly back to the airport you came from, if you don’t want a replacement.

According to Citizens Advice, you are also entitled to compensation of costs if the cancellation has set you back two hours or more.

Be sure to check with your airline to see what it offers for cancellations.

What do I do if my flight has been delayed?

Your holiday is still on the horizon, but you’ve been delayed a while. What do you do now?

This all varies depending on how long you have been delayed. If it has been delayed long enough the airline must give you food and drink, access to phone and emails and accommodation if you’re delayed overnight.

The delay time must be calculated by the distance of the flight and the countries it’s flying between.

According to Citizens Advice, if your flight has been delayed by more than five hours, you are not required to take the flight and can request a refund instead.

Be sure and check directly with your airline to see what they can offer you if your flight has been delayed.

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