Bridport Town Council has published its final version of a plan aimed at improving the town and is looking for a total investment of £9 million.

The town's bus station has been earmarked as a 'prime re-development opportunity', the plan says.

The Bridport Investment Plan has been crafted with the help of local firms and will also form the basis for funding bids and identify project priorities.

The document - which has undergone public consultation - focuses on projects that the council 'can realistically deliver or oversee', with partnership between stakeholders 'critical' to the delivery of the plan.

It aims to support businesses to achieve a net zero future.

"We have consulted with Bridport’s business community and identified three key investment opportunities that will increase the resilience of Bridport’s local economy and drive future sustainability," the final document says.

"Responding to the needs of the community, especially young people, and developing skills for reaching net zero targets for Bridport sit firmly at the heart of the investment proposals."

The council added that to achieve its 'ambitious plan' it is looking for a total investment of £9million.

The proposals looks to improve public transport and local connectivity, transform digital connectivity, improve education outcomes and increase the number of adults who complete high quality skills training.

It also looks to invest in the historical environment surrounding Bridport and 'achieve a vibrant, connected place to live, work, relax and visit', with Bridport Bus Station recognised as a 'prime re-development opportunity'.

"It is important to understand the context in which this Investment Plan has been developed," the final document adds.

"Bridport is a unique place to live and visit. It has a reputation for independent thinking and as a centre for arts and culture.

"Town councillors are aware that over the last 12 years there has been little external funding directed to the area to support economic development.

"Conversations with the local MP and the Local Enterprise Partnership led to a request for a coherent plan for investment in the town and surrounding areas.

"The Bridport Investment Plan is written as a high-level document to identify project priorities.

"The plan focuses on projects that, by virtue of their scale and complexity, the Town Council and its partners can realistically deliver or oversee."

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