A charity set up to protect the Jurassic Coast plans to build a new museum dedicated to the World Heritage Site.

The Jurassic Coast Trust is calling for public support for the development of a new museum showcasing the geology, palaeontology and geomorphology that the area has to offer.

It has launched a crowdfunding campaign and benefit event in early 2023 to help fund the initiative.

Whilst there are plans for a museum to be built with the help of this funding, it is not known where it will be located.

A popular suggestion from members of the public so far has been Charmouth, famed for its fossils. 

The Trust has an initial target of £20,000 which will allow for the completion of the feasibility study by March 2023, and enable it to engage with independent heritage consultants to provide clarity on where the museum would best deliver impact, attract diverse audiences and achieve economic viability.

During this time, it would like to raise an extra £80,000 for the continuation and completion of the development phase, which includes core collections work and audience engagement, so that the progress made does not stall in the face of reducing budgets and funding.

To find out more and to donate, visit: https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/a-new-jurassic-coast-museum.