Marshwood Vale Young Farmers have successfully raised more than £11,000 for Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance

At their annual harvest supper, they were able to present a cheque of £11,327.57 to the charity with a further £190 being donated to Ukraine.

This wasn’t the first time the Marshwood Young Farmers have raised money for the air ambulance.

Chairman of the club, Hannah said: “We are a very rural community, so the air ambulance is very important to us.

“If we don’t have the air ambulance, then it takes a lot of time for an ambulance to come to us.”

Over the past year, Marshwood Vale Young Farmers held a flurry of fundraisers including their annual Christmas ball at Freshwater, a Christmas wreath making workshop with CJ Flowers, an Easter bingo, quiz night, big breakfast and summer cowboys party.

The club, made up of 50 members ranging from 10 to 28-years-old, even hosted wedding parties and other festivities.

Hannah added: "This year we tried to host more events than ever before to raise as much as we could for the air ambulance who have a very tough couple of years because of COVID.”

The Young Farmers also decided to raise money for Ukraine to help fellow farmers during the conflict.

Hannah said: “When we were hosting some of these charity events, it was when the Ukraine war had just begun, so we decided to raise money for rural communities in Ukraine like Young farmers in Ukraine because they are very connected to us.”

This year’s figure is the most the club has raised for several years.