A Bridport group has ramped up its efforts to back local businesses after a mainstay of the town centre closed its doors suddenly last month.

Totally Locally's revived campaign comes in the wake of Leakers Bakery on East Street closing its doors amid rising costs.

The group started the Magic Tenner campaign in the town with members attending numerous meetings in aid of supporting Bridport and keeping local independent businesses healthy.

Kim Squirrell, a Totally Locally team member, said: “When one of us goes, other independents take a hit too.

“Bridport has a huge number and range of local enterprises not only in the town centre but on our industrial estates and outlying villages, it’s what makes Bridport such a vibrant place to live in.

“Where we choose to spend our money will determine if it stays that way.”

Bridport’s Magic Tenner campaign began in June with plans to promote 60 local independent businesses and that number has grown to over 100.

Each independent business can list a number of other local businesses they support which can range from shops to suppliers, to window cleaners and everything in between.

Their message is that ‘spending ten pounds with an independent shop can be worth up to £50 to the local economy by the money circulating round and round creating prosperity, creating jobs now and in the future.’

A spokesperson for Totally Locally said: “The recent closure of Leakers bakery on East Street will impact on other businesses. Amongst them Chideock Champignons, Bridget's Market, The Decorator Centre, RJ Balson & Son, Elwell Fruit Farm, Footeprints, Ford Farm, RKL, Davy's Locker, Rawles, Top Sparks, Boilerman Ltd, Fruits of the Earth, Martin and Company Accountants, Moore's Biscuits and Creeds.”

Businesses already involved include Aleksandra’s Chocolate Café, Olive Tree Restaurant and Bridport PC Repair which are amongst many others that the team has compiled onto a poster.

For further information email totallylocallybridport@gmail.com