A 'runaway car' collided with another vehicle after rolling down a hill.

Emergency services said it could have been 'much worse' if the car hadn't hit the vehicle and kept rolling.

It happened on the A3052 Pound Street in Lyme Regis - the road leads into the town centre.

Firefighters who attended the scene said the driver had only applied the handbrake when they parked - the Highway Code states vehicles should also be placed in first gear when facing uphill, or in reverse gear when facing downhill. This prevents the vehicle from rolling into traffic if the brakes become disengaged.

A spokesman for Lyme Regis Fire Station said: "Friday afternoon we were mobilised to a runaway car along Pound Street in Lyme. Although damage was caused to both vehicles the situation could have been much worse if the cars hadn’t collided at that point.

"A valuable lesson for the owner of the grey car who parked on a hill using only the handbrake.

"Stay safe everyone!"