Police are investigating reports of a stolen catalytic converter from a vehicle in the Lyme Regis area.

The vital piece of equipment on the vehicle was stolen between the evening of Sunday, October 16 and the morning of Tuesday, October 18.

Catalytic converters convert toxic gases in exhausts into less toxic pollutants, and contain expensive metals.

Police have advised that suspicious activity should be reported as soon as possible by calling 999, but in an event of a non emergency, callers should dial 101.

A statement from Bridport Police said: "Between Sunday evening and this morning, a catalytic converter has been stolen from a vehicle in the Lyme Regis area.

"Catalytic converters are stolen for the precious metals they contain and are usually cut off using a grinder-type tool.

"Please be vigilant and report any suspicious activity to us, at the time on 101.

"If you believe that a crime is in progress, please call 999."