The Dorset Knob Throwing Festival is set to become a regular event after its success at the weekend.

The event, named in honour of the Dorset Knob - a spherical biscuit produced by Moores the bakers - was held at Cattistock with the Frome Valley Food Festival.

Attractions included Knob throwing, Knob painting, a Knob and spoon race, Knob darts, a Knob pyramid and guess the weight of the big Knob.

The food festival featured over 30 producers from the Dorset and Somerset area and organiser Nigel Collins said the event a huge success.

He added: "It went brilliantly.

"A lot of the stall holders gave very positive feedback and everyone I met there was smiling and laughing.

"We will definitely be doing this again next year, we want to make it a regular thing."