Following on from Kevin Payne’s recent letter on Morrisons’ fuel price . . . . . You will know by now that today’s (September 6) price for E10 fuel at Morrisons Bridport has dropped to 177.9p. This is 11p/L cheaper than it was a week ago when tourists were here.

Whilst that drop is welcome, how can it be explained other than as a ‘Tourist Surcharge’? The price of crude hasn’t dropped that significantly since last week; the costs of the Morrisons ‘Petrol Team’ (as they call it) cannot have changed by £Ks in a few days. Locals think we are being ‘swept up’ with the tourists by a company that, despite its slogans, clearly doesn’t care.

Morrisons Yeovil is now selling E10 fuel at 168.9p and so it is still 9p/L cheaper than the same product is here. So ‘thank you’ Morrisons but the question remains; ‘Why is the cost of fuel on your forecourts in Bridport significantly different to that of your forecourts in Yeovil?’

I am told that Bridport Town Council is interested in the are we all!

Alan Hooley

High Street

Burton Bradstock