DORSET'S deaf community is being encouraged to share their experience of healthcare services.

An inspector for the Care Quality Commission (CQC) is making it easier for deaf and hard of hearing people to share important information about their experiences of healthcare services, including GPs, dentists and hospitals across the community.

Paul Kirby, who works as a CQC inspector across Dorset, has made a video aimed at the deaf community, in which he shares information in British Sign Language about his role at the CQC, as well as his experience of care services, the barriers he has faced and the importance of giving feedback to ensure improvements are made.

He said: “Being able to better access information, communicate with health and social care staff, and them with us, is vital to getting appropriate care.

"It is important that we learn and understand what is working well and what can be improved, to drive care forward.

“Effective communication is key and CQC wants people who are deaf or hard of hearing to feedback about their care experiences.”

People can give feedback on their experiences of care, or those of someone they care for, on the CQC website.