A site usually used for community events was left covered in rubbish following a seven-day unauthorised encampment by a group of travellers.

A group camped on Mosterton village green, just off the A3066 in the village centre.

They had all vacated the site by Wednesday, June 15 after being told to leave by police, leaving a trail of waste in their wake.

Concrete blocks have since been put in place blocking access to the site as council workers clean up.

Bridport and Lyme Regis News:

One local, who wanted to remain anonymous, said: "Travellers illegally stayed on Mosterton Village Green, leaving after police intervention.

"It included eight caravans and accompanying vans and cars.

"After their arrival, the police visited on three occasions to reassure residents they were doing what they could."

The resident said "Neighbours witnessed the travellers dumping rubbish, defecating in the nearby field and throwing rubbish on the green and in the river.

"All sorts have been found including nappies, beer cans and bottles, broken glass, food, all sorts of plastic and food waste in the river, hedges and on the grass.

"I don't believe most of the residents realised such mess was being created on the land.

"The result of a week-long stay has resulted in enough rubbish to fill two skips. It's disgusting the amount of waste created and just discarded on the village green."

A spokesman from Dorset Police said: "We received a report on Wednesday, June 8 relating to an unauthorised encampment at the Village Green in Mosterton.

"Officers attended and liaised with those present, as well as the local authority and parish council.

"Following further liaison with local councils, officers attended the site on Wednesday, June 15 to serve a notice under section 62 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, requiring the group to leave. It was subsequently reported that they had left the site."

A spokeswoman from Mosterton Parish Council, said: "A group of travellers arrived on Mosterton Village Green late on Wednesday, June 8.

"As the Green is parish council-owned, responsibility for liaison fell to the parish council.

"Through dialogue with the group and advice and support from Dorset Council officers and Dorset Police, the group left the site early on Wednesday, June 15. An amount of rubbish was left behind and was swiftly cleared with the help of residents."