FORMER Bridport manager Shaun Annetts and then assistant Edgar Marcu worked for free in the latter half of last season, the Bridport News can reveal.

Following the exit of previous boss Rob Marquis before Christmas, the Bees concentrated their budget towards the upcoming 2022/23 campaign.

That meant a hefty cut in resources to complete the 2021/22 season, leading to some players quitting the club and both Annetts and now manager Marcu agreeing to work without pay.

Annetts and Marcu drafted players in using a trial at Yeovil plus Marcu’s contacts from previous jobs and also generated funds themselves in order to complete the season.

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When the Bridport News put the revelations to Bees’ chairman Adrian Scadding, he confirmed both Annetts and Marcu were not paid to complete the season.

The development therefore speaks volumes for the loyalty of both men, who effectively volunteered to ensure the Bees completed the campaign.

Elaborating on the difficulties the situation presented, Annetts said: “I understand why the budget was cut. The decision was made after the 12-1 defeat to Millbrook.

“That was the lowest performance level. I can understand why the club felt the need to question why they would spend money on that sort of performance.

“But for managerial expenses to be stopped, I felt that was quite a tough thing.

“I see the reason why. I’d be the first to admit, and Rob also, that that performance was awful. It was an embarrassment in that particular game.

“But the decision was made and I was left with a situation where I was having to get to the end of the season with no expenses available whatsoever.”

Annetts felt his hardship will be a positive for the Bees this season, with an enlarged budget expected to be available to Marcu.

He said: “The club have been able to save money for next season, they’ve recouped some finances and now they’re able to offer next year’s team a budget for next year.

“The fact that they’ve gone down to the South West Peninsula League will be a big help.

“The budget will be more than what Rob was getting. With the drop in level and increased budget I think the new management team will find things a bit easier.”