With summer rapidly approaching, many of us will be daydreaming of a sunny getaway.

However with purse strings tight as a result of the ongoing cost of living crisis, we are also looking to make a saving.

Pitchup, an outdoor accommodation booking site, have found the cheapest places for a glamping getaway in the UK.

South Yorkshire ranked in first place as the most affordable region in the UK for a glamping staycation. 

Bridport and Lyme Regis News:

One night of glamping will set you back just £45 a night, which is almost half the average price of glamping per night across the UK — £89 according to Pitchup.

Besides cheap glamping prices, South Yorkshire has a lot to offer, such as the Sheffield Botanical Gardens, Yorkshire Wildlife Park and Cusworth Hall, to name a few - making it the perfect destination for a family trip.

Not far behind South Yorkshire in the ranking for affordability is the West Midlands. One night glamping in the West Midlands will cost you around £54.13, which is almost 40% cheaper than the average glamping price across the UK. 

In the West Midlands, there are plenty of sites to see such as the Birmingham Back to Backs, the Coventry Transport Museum and the Sutton Park National Nature Reserve.

Making the map for Scotland is Caithness and Stirlingshire, coming in third and fourth place for the most affordable glamping locations in the UK. 

A night of glamping in Caithness costs just £60 on average, and a night glamping in Stirlingshire is £60.98. 

Often referred to as 'the low lands beyond the Highlands', Caithness is perfect for glamping with plenty of adventures to be had, including coastal walks, caves, castles and gardens. Similarly with Stirlingshire if you’re fancying a trip to the top to see the beautiful views Scotland has to offer.

Entering the top five and marking the map for Northern Ireland is County Antrim. 

At just £61.48 a night for glamping, it's the perfect base to explore the beautiful Irish coastal scenery, or the adventure tours around Giant’s Causeway.

The cheapest staycation locations in the UK

These are the 15 cheapest spots for a glamping holiday in the UK, according to Pitchup’s research:

  1. South Yorkshire - £45 per night
  2. West Midlands - £54.13 per night
  3. Caithness - £60 per night
  4. Stirlingshire - £60.98 per night
  5. County Antrim - £61.48 per night
  6. Lothian - £62.30 per night
  7. Hebrides - £63.45 per night
  8. Berwickshire - £65.71 per night
  9. Buckinghamshire - £66.37 per night
  10. Gwynedd - £67.77 per night
  11. Northamptonshire - £71.73 per night
  12. Lancashire - £73.70 per night
  13. Ceredigion - £74.14 per night
  14. Argyll - £74.46 per night
  15. Cambridgeshire - £74.50 per night