THE Newlands Holiday Park at Charmouth has been refused permission to demolish outbuildings and add a steel framed workshop and store.

Char Valley Parish Council had objected to the proposals claiming the new building would be so close to the road that it would have an impact on the character of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty looking up the hill from Charmouth.

The parish council said it would support a modified application for a less imposing building, either significantly lower or further from the road.

Dorset Council tree officers were also concerned that the proposed building had the potential to harm protected Ash trees within the grounds of the neighbouring Stonebarrow Manor.

Two letters of objections raised concerns about the visual impact on the proposed new building and the likelihood of additional noise and disturbance as well as the loss of light to the dining room at Stonebarrow Barn.

A planning officer report concluded that: “It is considered that the height, bulk, scale and massing of the proposed workshop, coupled with the prominent location on the frontage would form an alien and incongruous building in the street-scene. The overtly “industrial” appearance would exacerbate this.”

The building was proposed with a pitched roof and would be 4.5m to eaves(west side) and 5.45m at the ridge. It would have brickwork plinth walling with metal sheet cladding to the walls and roof. The workshop would be used mainly for storage of vehicles, equipment and some repair of fixture/fittings.

Three single storey corrugated sheds would have been demolished to make way for the new building.