EFFORTS to introduce a new law that would give farm animals better protection are moving forward at pace.

An update has been provided on the campaign started in west Dorset for a change in the law to keep dogs on leads around livestock, with the bill carried over to the next session of Parliament.

On Monday, April 25 a carry-over motion for The Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill was passed meaning the proposal is carried over to the next session in the House of Commons.

Currently, the bill is at the report stage following the completion of the second reading in late October and later passing the committee phase.

The campaign which inspired the bill, Gladis' Law, was started by farmer Cameron Farquharson following the death of his four-year-old pregnant Highland cow, Gladis, and her unborn calf.

Gladis was chased by a dog off a ledge at Eggardon Hill farm near Bridport and fell more than 30 feet.

As a result, Mr Farquharson started a campaign with calls for dogs to be kept on leads on livestock to be enshrined in law.

Under the proposed changes, dog walkers will face criminal prosecution if their dog chases any livestock to the point of causing harm or abortion and will also be prosecuted if their dogs are off their lead or out of control in a field of sheep, poultry, or enclosed game birds.

The latest news is positive for the campaign as the bill looks to progress through Parliament.

A spokesman for the campaign said: “Following Monday's Parliament sitting, the MPs have agreed for the 'Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill' is to continue through Parliament and then onto the House of Lords.

“This is good news for our Gladis's Law campaign which is part of this bill. Please keep supporting our campaign, and let's keep livestock safe.

“We are all dog lovers, but we need dogs to be on a lead near livestock.

“Well done Cameron Farquharson and the team.”

After starting the campaign, Mr Farquharson received plenty of support from farmers and animal lovers across the country.

With the backing of West Dorset MP Chris Loder and Farming Minister Victoria Prentis, the Gladis’ Law Campaign has been successful in driving livestock worrying to the forefront of upcoming legislation.

To support the Gladis Law campaign, visit www.gladis-law.com