Book lovers will reunite with a special spring event featuring two authors.

The Friends of Bridport Literary Festival event will take place at the Bull Hotel Ballroom in Bridport on Thursday, May 19.

The first talk, at 2.30pm, will see Barnaby Rogerson speaking about Celebrating the World: People, Places and Different Ways of Living, which examines the lives of half a dozen travel writers of Eland Publishing.

With a break for tea and cakes at 3.30pm, the next talk at 4.30pm will be on The Life and Times of an Ottoman Detective by Jason Goodwin, who has written a series of detective thrillers featuring the eunuch Yashim, operating in 19th century Istanbul.

Tickets at £25 include the two talks and tea and cakes with the authors.

They're available from Bridport Tourist Information Centre. Pop into the office or call 01308 424901.