VETERANS of the Falklands War are being reminded that support is just a phone call away as the 40th anniversary of the conflict is marked.

The South West Veterans' Mental Health High Intensity Service (HIS) provided by Dorset HealthCare is geared to people who have served in the armed forces and offers specialist care to anyone still dealing with the impacts of conflicts like the one in the South Atlantic in 1982.

Armed Forces Covenant Co-ordinator for Dorset, Kevin Moore - himself a veteran of the conflict - said: “I would like to express Dorset’s gratitude and appreciation to all who served during the Falklands conflict in 1982. We know there are many veterans of the war who still struggle with physical and mental scars, and some have faced life challenges or hardships since the war ended.

“There is support available for both current and past members of the armed forces and their families in Dorset, and I would like to encourage those struggling to get the help they need.”

The conflict, which started on April 2, went on for 74 days until the Argentine forces surrendered on the June 14. A total of 255 British personnel lost their lives during the conflict, with many more wounded.

Anniversary commemorations will be taking place nationally and locally between now and June 14.

Anyone due to leave the armed forces, who have just left or who finished serving years ago can all access help. They will speak to people who understand military life, who are either from the armed forces community or are highly experienced in working with serving personnel, reservists, veterans and their families. These staff will ensure the right type of specialist care, support and treatment is provided.

Andy Gritt, Clinical and Operations Manager for the South West Veterans’ Mental Health HIS, said: “We recognise the time during the anniversary of the Falkland Islands conflict will be hard for many who served, as well as their families. We want to assure you that expert help is available from our High Intensity Service."

The South West Veterans' Mental HIS can be contacted simply by calling NHS 111, or speaking to your GP.