PETROL prices continue to surge in Dorset as sanctions are imposed on Russia.

The RAC Foundation has warned petrol prices in the UK could rise to £1.60 a litre this week and £1.65 soon after, as the impact of new sanctions on Russian oil and gas imports takes hold.

But prices in Dorset have already exceeded this prediction - with one, in Sturminster Newton, currently charging 180.9p a litre for diesel.

Further east in Wimborne, at one filling station the price of diesel has increased by 14p in just one day - now costing an eye-watering 193.9p, our sister paper the Bournemouth Daily Echo reports.

Bridport and Lyme Regis News: Is this Dorset's most expensive petrol station?Is this Dorset's most expensive petrol station?

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Dorset's cheapest and most expensive petrol stations

Prices as reported by consumer website

Lanehouse Esso, Weymouth

162.9p unleaded; 173.9p diesel (as of yesterday.)

King Street Esso, nr Weymouth rail station

164.9p unleaded; 171.9p diesel (as of Monday)

Sainsbury's Weymouth

153.9p unleaded; 154.9p diesel (as of yesterday)

Morrisons Weymouth

155.9p unleaded; 156.9p diesel (as of yesterday)

Osprey Quay, Portland

161.9p unleaded; 169.9p diesel (as of Monday)

Esso Portland Easton

161.9p unleaded; 164.9p diesel (as of yesterday)

BP Dorchester Road, Weymouth

161.9p unleaded; 169.9p diesel (as of Monday)

Loders BP, Dorchester

163.9p unleaded; 176.9p diesel (as of Monday)

Maiden Newton, Dorchester

163.9p unleaded, 174.9p diesel (as of Saturday)

Tesco Dorchester

159.9p unleaded; 159.9p diesel (as of yesterday)

Shell London Road Dorchester

165.9p unleaded; 169.9p diesel (as of Monday)

Esso Bride Valley Services, Bridport Road

161.9p unleaded; 169.9p diesel (as of today)

Texaco Burton Bradstock

170.9p diesel (as of Monday)

Morrisons Bridport

155.9p unleaded (as of March 5); 159.9p diesel (as of yesterday)

Esso Bridport

159.9p unleaded; 165.9p diesel (as of Saturday)

Shell Wareham/Bere Regis

164.9p unleaded; 169.9p diesel (as of today)

MFG Hamworthy, Blandford Road

167.9p diesel (as of yesterday)

Shell Fern Brook Lane, Gillingham

161.9p unleaded (as of Monday); 179.9p diesel (as of today)

Gulf Kinstag Garage, Sturminster Newton

180.9p diesel as of yesterday

Shell, Wimborne Road

Unleaded, 175.9p; diesel 193.9p (an increase of 14p in just one day.)