BRIDPORT must ingrain an “identity” into the club to improve their fortunes next season, according to departed goalkeeper Greg Taylor.

Beleaguered Bridport are currently managerless and could be relegated from the Toolstation Western League Premier Division this Saturday – even if they beat Brislington.

Taylor, 29, made his debut for new side South Cheriton United in a 4-0 win at Lantokay in Yeovil & District Division One on Saturday.

And the outspoken custodian has had his say on his time at Bridport, during which the Bees have lost 28 of 29 league games.

Speaking to the Bridport News, he said: “Whoever the new manager is, I don’t think he probably knows the extent of the job he’s got in hand.

“There are more problems off the pitch than on it, which I would imagine, looking at the league table, is quite a shocking thing to hear.

“They need to find some identity from somewhere, install a DNA into the club. Then they need to stick with it.

“The new manager will come in and I would imagine he would bring 10 or 12 players.

“There needs to be a code of conduct, a complete new setup of how things are done at Bridport Football Club.

“Ultimately, I don’t hold anything against anybody. It’s gone the way it’s gone. It’s not my responsibility, it’s not in my hands.

“Shaun Annetts (caretaker), and all the lads there, I love all of them. I wish them all the best in their careers and in football.

“It’s a big rebuild and it’s from top to bottom, quite literally.”

Elaborating on his reasons for leaving, Taylor said losing so heavily and frequently had taken a toll on his mental health, admitting he had sometimes felt “sad” on matchday.

He added: “Now is a bit of a weird time (to leave). I didn’t expect to do it. It’s just something I felt crept up quite quickly for me personally.

“When I joined, I’d not played in goal for four or five years. I came in, I was at Dorchester, I was fresh and felt good.

“I was ready for the challenge I knew it was going to be and over time I’ve become mentally tired.

“I’ve played well week-in, week-out and I got Toolstation supporters’ player of the month for December.

“Personally, I couldn’t have done any more. I’ve suffered mentally with it. I’ve just had enough of feeling sad at football.

“I’ve got a lot going on with my career, in terms of my own business, and my friend recently died – that’s always an eye-opener for any human being.

“I just thought: ‘I’ve had enough, I don’t know who or what I’m doing it for any more.’”