FINAL preparations are being made in Bridport to welcome a refugee family who are due to arrive very soon.

The Bridport Refugee Support Campaign (BRSC) has been raising money so a family can be resettled in the local community as part of the government's Community Sponsorship Scheme for refugees.

The scheme is a safe and legal route to resettlement for refugees escaping from countries affected by war, persecution or natural disaster.

As part of the scheme, the group has secured local authority consent to resettle the family, found affordable housing for them, raised more than £20,000 and arranged English tuition.

Now, as the day the family will arrive edges closer, the campaign has moved into 'top gear' with plans to meet them at the airport, provide warm clothes, and provide suitable food.

The group have enough funds to fulfil the demands of the Home Office for welcoming a refugee family and to ensure everything has been done to help the family integrate successfully.

BRSC’s first fundraising included Crowdfunding, stalls on Bucky Doo, concerts, sponsored bike ride and garage sales - but as the date of the family’s arrival has approached it became necessary to raise extra funds for specific items for the family’s home - including a television.

Local Catholic priest Father Keith Mitchell, pictured below, said: “Our congregation knew about the campaign because many of them had bought the charity’s Christmas cards last year, and so when we heard that they didn’t have a television the Catholic community met that need and raised enough money to buy a Smart television from Burwoods Domestic Appliances.”

Bridport and Lyme Regis News:

Treasurer Ann Langridge, also pictured, added: “Knowing they will be isolating for 10 days on their arrival it was particularly important for the family to have a television, especially for their children. We are very grateful to the Catholic Church and Father Keith for helping the family.”

Meanwhile, Margie Barbour from BRSC is busy making a video showcasing the best of Bridport which the family can watch.

She said: “The Home Office suggested making a DVD of Bridport for the family to watch during their lockdown, so they can have a sense of the town, it’s market and surrounding countryside as well as things like our Hat Fest and music being played on Bucky Doo, so I’m busy filming and editing.”

Others offering support have included villagers in Thorncombe who raised money for a computer for the family and the Round Table contributed towards a sofa. The Bridport Masons bought the family a double bed from Bridport Discount Furniture Store. Generous cash donations have come in from Bridport Christian Fellowship, a Will bequest, and many individuals and community groups have donated including Kate Genevieve who had a birthday fundraiser on Facebook and raised more than three times the amount she requested.

More information about the campaign is on or email