An open letter to Chris Loder MP

Your Government’s failures to set the exemplary behaviour expected in a truly democratic country are well outlined in the press. I do not need to rehearse them here.

Because of these behaviours, any trust in the competence, integrity and honesty of the Johnson-led Government is now almost totally lost amongst MPs and, more importantly, the public. This is no way to run a country.

The latest reports of plans by the PM to absolve himself of blame by calling for resignations and for spinning and pre-empting the results of Sue Gray’s investigation only serve to underline the utter lack of honesty and integrity in the man who supposedly leads this country.

Indeed, the public does not need to wait for the Sue Gray report – we have already made our minds up. It is, therefore, up to you to show constituents in West Dorset where your integrity lies. Two examples of where your integrity is already in question:

* Why did you vote with the Government on the appalling Owen Patterson amendment?

* Why did you vote against the chance of our poorest children having free school meals last year?

If you wish to emerge with a modicum of integrity worthy of someone representing this gentle yet horrified area of the country, then please set the lead that your own Government and Boris Johnson has so blatantly failed to do.

In despair.

Rosie Mathisen