OUR elected representatives have received no less that eight (yes, eight) increases of pay since 2010 and are now in line to receive yet another increase. Have they no shame?

Over the last decade, during which time most people have seen little or no increase in their pay, the salaries of MPs have risen by a whopping twenty-five per cent.

Yet even now, with the country’s economy in ruins as a result of the pandemic, it is proposed that MPs should receive another £2,000 – taking their salary to £84,000 per annum (almost three times the national average), and that doesn’t include generous expense allowances which allow them to milk the public purse almost at will.

There have, of course, been calls for MPs to show restraint and turn down this latest increase but I for one will not be holding my breath in the expectation of them doing so.

Previous experience has shown that, while there may be a small handful of honourable men and women among our 650 MPs who will do the right thing and refuse this proposed pay rise, the vast majority will turn a deaf ear, sit back and continue to enjoy their ride aboard the Westminster Gravy Train.

I can’t help but think that it is a good thing for MPs that their salaries are not performance-related.


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