Readers will have seen in last week's Bridport News that Barratt and Vistry have submitted plans for their part of the Vearse Farm site. The Christmas holiday will make it more difficult for people to respond to the consultation within the given deadline (10 January). We have contacted Dorset Council and the developers to ask for an extension.

When the then council granted outline planning permission for the development, many issues were not on the table, and we were assured that these would be dealt with in full at the stage we have now reached. We understand that Dorset Councillors will have the opportunity to discuss the plans in full. You may therefore wish to share your concerns with your local councillor.

ADVEARSE would urge as many people as possible to go onto the website and respond.

We have throughout expressed major concerns about the development, and we can see from the ADVEARSE website and e-mails that many people continue to share these concerns. ADVEARSE will continue to update our website and will be posting information about the issues on which the group will be seeking reassurance. Chief amongst these will be the concerns about sewerage and flooding.

Do please have your say. The development will have a major impact on the town, and it is essential that best interests of Bridport are safeguarded. The issues are too important to be rushed through and deserve a full exploration as part of the local democratic process .

Barry Bates

West Allington