A 75-YEAR-OLD man will jump from a plane to raise funds for a charity which supports local servicemen and women.

Peter Davies and his daughter, Emellia Alner, from Broadwindsor, will be doing a parachute jump from 15,000 feet to raise money for the Bridport Royal Naval Association (RNA).

Having formerly served in the Merchant Navy, Mr Davies is passionate about making sure there is a place where former servicemen and women can meet people who have shared similar experiences.

As the local individual groups diminished in size over the years, it has become necessary for all Her Majesty's forces to come under one umbrella as the Bridport RNA. This includes the Royal Navy, the British Army, the Royal Air Force and the Merchant Navy.

Mr Davies said: "We've been trying to organise a jump for a couple of months, Emellia has wanted to do a parachute jump for a number of years and we thought we could raise some money for the Bridport RNA at the same time.

“We want to support the Bridport RNA as they do a lot of good work within the town and do a lot to support retired servicemen.

“I’m very excited about the jump and looking forward to doing it, I’m sure there aren’t many 75-year-olds who would a parachute jump, so hopefully I’ll remain in tact. It’s not quite what Captain Tom, but we’ll give it our best shot."

They will be carrying out the jump on Sunday, October 31, and have set up a Crowdfunder page with an aim of raising £1,000.

Both parachute jumps have already been paid for privately and 100 per cent of the money raised will be given to Bridport RNA.

Mr Davies said: “Any donations are welcome, anything which can be contributed, even 50p. The jump is fully supported by the RNA chairman Charles Davis, honorary secretary Robin Vicarage, and the RNA committee.

“It is important that former servicemen have someone to go to to meet with other colleagues who have served. If you’ve been all over the world serving, it's good to meet with other people who have had similar experiences which they can relate to."

The Crowdfunder page can be found at www.crowdfunder.co.uk/peter-emellias-parachute-jump-for-royal-navy-1