IN 1974 Local Government was reorganised and, in recent years, there has been a merger of District Councils with the former Dorset County Council.

Further plans are now afoot to yet further reorganise the administration of Local Government by the merger of certain local Parish Councils with the Town Council.

Whilst there is a strong argument for this, if only to spread the load of Council Tax, based on property values, more fairly and evenly, on the facilities provided by the town, there leaves certain imponderables.

Firstly, the biggest or largest of any authority or organisation does not necessarily provide the best service - it can become out of touch!

Secondly, by reducing the number of councillors to twenty from forty four will not improve democracy, for too much power in the hands of too few is not a good thing!

Moreover, the proposals as they at present stand while including the Vearse Farm development situated in Symondsbury does not in fact include the Parish of Symondsbury itself. Why is this?

The residents whose parishes are to be included in the plans for a merger could be seen to lose their identity. Careful thought and consideration need to be given to the proposals before they are implemented!


De Legh Grove

West Allington


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