A WOMAN has been taken to hospital after falling and becoming impaled on a metal pole at a commercial premises in Bridport.

Firefighters had to cut the pole down in order to free the casualty.

The incident happened at a commercial property on West Bay Road, Bridport during the early hours of Tuesday morning and saw firefighters and ambulance crews attend.

Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service was called to the scene by the ambulance service at around 3.10am.

A spokesman for Bridport Fire Station said: "Both pumps from Bridport were mobilised early this morning to a commercial property where a female casualty had fallen onto a metal pole and become impaled.

"Ambulance were on scene and required fire service to cut down the metal pole allowing the casualty to be transported by ambulance to hospital."

In a further statement, a spokesman added: "Two crews from Bridport attended the incident which involved a female casualty who had fallen onto a metal pole. Our crews used small tools to assist paramedics in moving her for transportation to hospital. Our stop came at 03.38am."