A MAIN road in Bridport was closed for almost an hour after a fuel tanker which ran into difficulties needed recovery.

Police were called to the A35 Sea Road South, in Bridport, on Saturday afternoon after reports of a fuel tanker running into difficulty.

The fuel tanker was reported to have partially blocked the route according to Dorset Council, which caused delays and heavy traffic on the A35 Sea Road both ways next to the Esso Roundabout.

The incident also caused traffic congestion to other routes heading into Bridport and Bothenhampton.

A spokesman from Dorset Police said: "We received a report at 12.07pm on Saturday, September 25 requesting assistance with a road closure as a fuel tanker required recovery at Sea Road South in Bridport.

"Officers attended and assisted. They left the scene at around 12.45pm."

The fuel tanker's recovery comes after Dorset has been hit by a fuel shortage crisis since Friday.

The crisis is being blamed on a shortage of HGV drivers - not fuel - although a rush on the pumps is causing temporary shortages at some sites until the tanks can be filled up again.