A cat stuck up a tree for two days prompted a rescue effort.

But the mischievous moggy had other ideas when firefighters got to it - it promptly ran off and made its own way down.

The attempted rescue of the animal proved to be amusing for the firefighting team who, referencing the old cliché that firefighters traditionally rescue cats from trees, stated that they don't get called to this sort of job very often.

In fact, while Bridport firefighters do get involved in animals rescues, they don't ever remember retrieving a cat from a tree before.

The crew were called at just before 11am today to North Mills Road, Bridport.

A spokesman said: Yes it has finally happened!

"The RSPCA called for assistance after a cat found itself stuck approximately 30 foot up in a tree for what we think was for nearly two days.

"Crews used one nine-metre ladder and safe working at height gear to get access to the cat.

"Of course when we reached the cat it had other ideas and made its way down safely before running off."

The spokesman added: "Contrary to belief firefighters don't get called to this very often. We've had cats stuck in places but this to our knowledge is a first for Bridport, certainly for one crew member with over 20 years experience."