A STUNNING seven-metre replica of the Earth is currently on display in Symondsbury.

Gaia is available to view for free at the Symondsbury Estate this weekend as part of the Inside Out Dorset arts festival.

Here are some spectacular pictures of the display if you have not been able to witness it yet.

The artwork, created by visual artist Luke Jerram is measured at seven metres in diameter and features detailed NASA imagery of our planet's surface.

The work aims to 'explore humanity's place on the planet and the responsibility people have towards each other'. It was first presented yesterday (Friday, September 23) and will be on display from 11am to 10pm both today and tomorrow.

Gaia is displayed in Park Copse, the woodlands near the estate, with soft musical tracks and spoken word playing in the background to create a serene atmosphere.

Away from Gaia, several exhibitions are taking place throughout the weekend at the estate, including Geophonic, a brand new work described as an 'interactive sound walk experience', Partnering with the Earth, an 'immersive poetic installation' with a premise of 'if the Earth could speak, what would it say?' and The Whistlers, 'an ancient culture of people' who interact with people throughout the day.