EVENTS have been taking place throughout the week to highlight the need for action with regards to climate issues.

A number of events have gone ahead to mark Great Big Green Week, a campaign which aims to draw attention to issues within nature and the climate.

The opening gathering of the Great Big Green Week was held at the Millennium Green on Saturday, September 18. The event was hosted by West Dorset Friends of the Earth and saw music, a variety of stalls and some fantastic sunshine.

At midday, the mayor of Bridport, Cllr Ian Bark made a speech declaring that the upcoming United Nations climate change talks must be a success and that we 'must not delay taking emphatic steps to decarbonise the world' to show 'concern and love' for later generations 'including the living creatures who can't speak for themselves'.

The Great Big Green Week is a nationwide initiative to raise public awareness of the COP26 meeting in Glasgow in November, and to show the strength of public commitment to delegates at the Conference.

Local band Psycadelephant then raised the tempo and energy as visitors picnicked on the Green.

Cllr Bark said: "Bridport’s Great Big green Week got off to a tremendous start with the gathering on Millennium Green. After reading out the Bridport COP26 proclamation in Bucky Doo Square, the town crier and I led the crowds through the town to the gathering.

"Although many present were already aware of and concerned about the looming climate crisis it was really pleasing to see and meet a number who had a limited awareness of the grave position humanity is in and how important it is that COP26 marks the point where the talking stops and the action really being to accelerate in order to avert environmental catastrophe.”

This opening gathering kicked off a series throughout the week, including a performance by the Bridport Shakespeare Company at the Bridport Community Shed, with the theme focusing on the plight of refugees, an evening of discussion of what steps we need to take to mitigate the impact of climate change, a session for trying out electric bikes and meditative songs in the Borough Gardens.

A 'Big Green Day' also went ahead in Beaminster on Saturday with displays and children's activities on the Square in Beaminster nd in Beaminster Public Hall. The aim of the event was to offer practical ideas to the residents of the town on how they can save or produce energy, reduce living costs, avoid plastic and other waste, cut carbon emissions, grow and enjoy low-cost healthy food, and look after wildlife.

Today (Thursday), local chef and Bridport Local Food Group committee member, Giles Smith, will be serving up dishes made from ingredients brought into the Bridport Garden Glut and Food Surplus Stall.