TRAFFIC has always been an unpleasant aspect in Bridport, primarily because the ‘traffic’ thinks it is the only thing that is important.

To improve the town our councillors must realise it is the ‘pedestrians’ that are important, and those that do not want to be part of this wonderful town should be harshly dealt with; e.g. designer noise (cars and motorcycles), cycling on footpaths, litter, huge agricultural vehicles and lorries blighting all streets, inappropriate deliveries times, and inconsiderate parking by both the able and disabled.

If a part of South Street is to be closed, I hope, there will be a correct sized turning head, and that indiscriminate parking will be stamped on. It is surprising how many undesirables love to do to others what they would hate being done to themselves.

I have learnt some new language, but no answers, when asking those breaking the law, why? It is the same with those that leave litter everywhere and allow their dogs to sit on public seats. I know Bridport is dog friendly but please have consideration for those not so capable as yourself.

More could, and has, been said but if unsocial behaviour could be stamped on; Bridport would return to it its ‘normal’ wonderful self.