THE long awaited ‘freedom day’ this week has marked another step forward in the recovery from Covid. It may not have yet provided the closure to this period of history that many of us want, but the determination people have shown here to remain responsible shows we don’t need intrusive laws to dictate what we must wear or distance we must stand.

The Health and Care Bill was debated in Parliament last week - this Bill will change the structure of our health and care system meaning teams across healthcare can better join up. In allowing closer cooperation between local authorities and the NHS to deliver the care required, the whole process can be much more streamlined, and better for the patients as well as the taxpayer.

In recent weeks, some constituents contacted me about difficulties seeing their GP, especially if you can’t do it online. If you are having trouble getting through, please let me know so I can help you.

My campaign to retain and support our existing Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) status rather than ditch it for a National Park authority was given a welcome seal of approval by the government this week. Dorset AONB has now been strengthened by c£600,000, meaning our environment will be further enhanced without the negatives a national park would incur.

Following my long campaign to sort out Dorchester’s train stations, it’s great to see work starting on a new wooden fence replacing the collapsed wall on Dorchester South, and with the new disabled ramp at Dorchester West due for completion soon.

These two stations are the gateway to our county – frequented by residents from Bridport and Dorchester as well as across the county as their main source of transport, so I will continue making sure that these stations are maintained to the standard we expect in our county.