A POPULAR ice cream shop will be closing early after an 'unpleasant experience' for two female members of staff involving men thought to be drunk.

The pair, who work at Baboo Gelato's West Bay kiosk, closed up for the night and were walking towards their cars on Monday, July 19 when they were confronted by three men, the owner of the business reported.

It is said the men made lewd comments towards the two women, which made them feel unsafe. They tried to leave but the men apparently continued to follow them until they managed to get in their cars and drive away.

The incident has not been reported to police.

As a result, Baboo has taken the decision to close the kiosk earlier than normal - at 9pm.

Annie Hanbury, co-owner of Baboo Gelato, said: "It was a very unpleasant experience for them.

"We wanted to highlight that even if the men involved think they were just 'having a laugh', it is very scary and threatening for the the women involved and no fun at all.

"These wonderful women are people’s daughters, sisters, mothers, wives, grand-daughters, nieces, friends. We have no time for anyone that wishes to make anyone feel anything less than equal.

"You shouldn't have to be scared leaving work that someone will accost you."

Mrs Hanbury added that one of the staff members didn't think to mention the incident to her as it 'happens a lot'.

She said: "I think it's very important that these men understand their behaviour is unwanted but also women should feel like they can stand up to it. It's not something they should take as normal and deal with, it's something we can stop. The more women who come forward when something like this happens the more people will listen."

She added: "We've had an amazing response from the community, everyone is very much behind us."