COLOURFUL benches have appeared at West Bay to block motorcyclists from parking on the pavement.

The benches have been installed by Bridport Town Council at the West Bay 'Welcome Hub' between the harbour and The George pub.

The idea is for the benches to act as a 'gentle reminder' to motorcyclists to park in the allocated bays and not where the benches are sited.

West Bay is very popular with visiting bikers - but there have been complaints about where motorcycles are left.

The council says motorcyclists are very welcome but they want to ensure other people can enjoy the area too.

From next week, changes will also be made to George Street, which will be narrowed by the kiosks to provide more space for people queuing.

Town clerk Will Austin said: “Bridport Town Council has added the picnic benches, partly to provide additional seating and partly as a gentle reminder to motorcyclists that they should park in the marked bays around the stone seating area that we provided for them.

"We have received some complaints about parking on the outer pavement area, and the surface there isn’t designed for the weight of a motorcycle stand.

"This measure aims to compromise – welcoming the continued presence of the ‘bikers’ and their support for the local economy, whilst also making sure others can also enjoy the area. We love the vibrant colours – the choice of Daryl Chambers, our Town Surveyor."

From Friday, July 23, changes will also be made to George Street, which will be narrowed for the summer months to provide additional pedestrian and queuing space, from the harbour to just before the George Hotel. The short stretch of road will be made one-way from the Harbour, and the X51/X53 bus route will be unaffected.